Troubador Concert Series

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Ye Ol' History Of The Troubadour Concert Series
by Michael Johnathan

It's an amazing thing . . . . We were having a conversation about "art" in America.

As a performing songwriter and folksinger, I was getting frustrated that the music I loved was presented either in small coffeehouses, clubs or outdoor festivals. Not that any is "bad" at all. But just that? Why no "class," no elegance?  My good friend Jim Piston listened and, after a few moments of thought, responded, "Why don't we use that movie theater downtown and put on some shows? You know, let's try it out . . ."

So on a snowy February afternoon in 1993, the Troubadour Concert Series was born.  Fred Mills, the manager of the Kentucky Theater, welcomed the idea into the historic venue. We all agreed that we would do six shows that summer, assemble a crew of tie-dyed, granola-chompin, sandal-wearing music lovin' volunteers to run the concerts, and just have a good time for the summer.  The folks at BUDWEISER agreed to underwrite the series and local radio and TV stations donated advertising.

But who knew?   Our six concerts grew. And grew . . . and GREW!

All the shows sold out, the audience loved it and the excitement spread. We want to thank Fred Mills, the
manager of the Kentucky Theater for welcoming over 200 great concerts into this wonderful theatre. This
grand hall has really become “Lexington’s Livingroom.”

And special thanks to Highbridge Springwater formaking this series possible, plus FOX56, BUSINESS
LEXINGTON, LM Communications (96.9 KISS-FM and B92)along with WUKY 91.3FM, and INSIGHT COMMUNICATIONS asour prime sponsors for the series. And scores ofhometown volunteers run the shows.

And you - Thanks to our loyal and supportive audience, this all-volunteer, community-run music
series has become a model for other communities around the nation. So welcome to our hometown, sit
back and enjoy the music!

This show’s for YOU!

Michael Johnathon
folksinger - treehugger